Remembering Pip, Digit and Diamond

4th December 2019

It has been a difficult time for Bransby Horses recently, as the team is still dealing with the challenges the floods have presented. The autumn and winter of 2019 have also seen lots of characters reaching the end of their lives, as their health conditions deteriorated. You may not know them all but here are…

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Vote for Bransby Horses to be granted up to £25,000!

22nd November 2019

Today we’d like you to vote for us to be granted up to £25,000! By clicking on a link and answering 7 quick questions, you can put us in with the chance of winning some very much appreciated money towards helping equines in need, all thanks to SEIB. The deadline for applications is only days…

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Christmas plea from Bransby Horses

21st November 2019

Recent heavy flooding in Lincolnshire has meant equine charity, Bransby Horses, has had to cancel all of their Christmas events and activities this year.  But they are urgently appealing to people to carry on visiting the site. At the moment, the charity is welcoming a fraction of the number of visitors they have done in…

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Remembering Peter Hunt

20th November 2019

Last week, amidst the heavy flooding, knee-high mud and huge amounts of additional work needed to keep our teams and animals safe, we took a moment to remember our founder, Peter Hunt, who passed away 9 years ago on 15th November. Every ounce of energy we put into giving equines a second chance today, follows…

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Parsnip, Lincoln and York get ready to find new homes after the floods

19th November 2019

In the aftermath of an exceedingly challenging ten day stretch the flood waters have finally started to recede. The effects on the grazing land might not be as apparent as when they were underwater but the damage is significant and long lasting. The recent floods at the Bransby Horses site has put into motion a…

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Bransby Horses starts phase 2 of EFCC; Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign

15th November 2019

Having been hit with unprecedented rain over the last week, Bransby Horses has faced losing at least 40% of its invaluable land for many months to come. With over 450 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules on its Bransby site the floods have already meant the urgent moving of over 100 equines to dry temporary areas….

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Cancelled events due to Flooding

13th November 2019

It is with great sadness that we are having to cancel numerous events due to the ongoing flooding crisis at our Bransby site. Refunds will be issued via EventBrite. If you have any queries please contact Please see below for information on what is cancelled and what is planned to still go ahead.

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Flooding At Bransby Horses – Ways You Can Help

12th November 2019

Over the last few days, we have been overwhelmed by the communities’ support for the devastation the flooding has caused on our land. It’s key to remember that while we agree to support the Environmental Agency to close our drain valves to reduce flooding in Lincoln we receive absolutely no compensation for this. As the…

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11th November 2019

The welfare of over 450 horses, donkeys, ponies and mules, have been put at risk today following the overwhelming floods that have hit Bransby Horses since Friday 8th November 2019. As many parts of the country have been hit with flooding, none have been more so than this Lincolnshire equine rescue and welfare charity. On…

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Laminitis Alert to all Equine Owners

6th November 2019

Laminitis is often thought of as a disease only affecting equines in the spring and summer, but did you know that Laminitis is still a risk at this time of the year?   During the day, grass uses the sunlight to produce sugars via photosynthesis. These sugars are then used overnight for grass growth.  Grass can…

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Bransby Horses brings rescue conditions to Your Horse Live 2019

31st October 2019

Bransby Horses has created a new stand concept for Your Horse Live 2019. The national charity, which cares for hundreds of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, is planning to recreate conditions from a real horse rescue and show the public how they can make a difference. The stand, nicknamed ‘Rags to Riches’, is created entirely…

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Fireworks Season: How to keep equines and their owners, happy and safe

29th October 2019

This can be a stressful time of year for many households with animals, including families with equines. Why? Because of the many firework displays (public and household) taking place across the UK and the noise and lights they create. We all want to take time to celebrate during this time of year, so how can…

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Arab horses Esme and Genie get a second chance at life

28th October 2019

Last year, Bransby Horses were involved in a rescue with the RSPCA and other equine charities across the UK to rescue a number of Arab horses being kept in very poor conditions.  Ryan Rouse, Head of External Welfare at Bransby Horses was present at the rescue:  “The horses were in such poor condition when we…

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Your Horse Live 2019: Bransby Horses Facebook Competition (25th October – 29th October)

25th October 2019

‘Bransby Horses Your Horse Live Photo Caption Competition’: Terms and Conditions   Bransby Horses Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales company registration number 3711676 registered office: Bransby Lincoln LN1 2PH charity registration number 1075601 is the promotor of this free competition subject to these terms and conditions All entrants must be age…

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Remember to microchip – it’ll be law in 2020

24th October 2019

A reminder to all horse, pony, donkey and mule owners. There’s only a year remaining to ensure that your equine is microchipped to comply with new UK legislation. This legislation will help equines become more traceable should their they escape, but also act as a theft deterrent. And the reason we’re telling you now, is…

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