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Strangles Awareness Campaign Kicks-Off

6th May 2024

Strangles Awareness Week (SAW) is an annual campaign aimed at preventing and managing Strangles – the most common infectious equine disease.

From today until May 12 the campaign will run mainly on social media, supported by leading equine welfare organisations including Bransby Horses.

Strangles is a highly contagious bacterial disease that causes swelling of the lymph nodes and abscesses, primarily in the head and neck.

Horses can remain contagious for years if not treated effectively and do not gain immunity after contracting it.

This year’s campaign will focus on empowering horse owners to take proactive measures to prevent an outbreak.

Being aware of the risk of strangles (and other diseases) and understanding that not all contagious horses look unwell is really important.

All horse owners and those working with equines can make a difference to the spread of the disease.

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