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Why Bransby Horses Exists

17th May 2024

At Bransby Horses, we rescue equines for many different reasons.

Some may have been mishandled and abused, where others may have been so neglected they have never experienced human contact.

It can take months and sometimes even years for these animals to recover and many will never be suitable to rehome.

What is certain however, is the level of care and individual attention each one of them will receive when they arrive at Bransby Horses.

 Emerald’s Story  

When we rescued Emerald, it was touch and go – she was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up.  

Emerald needed months of intensive care just to get her to a point where she was strong enough to stand unaided.  

Due to the severity of her condition when she arrived, Emerald received regular specialist care from a number of healthcare professionals, including a physiotherapist to help regain her mobility and strength.  

Rescued from one of the worst cases of neglect we had ever seen, her remarkable recovery continues to inspire us in the work we do. 

Hope’s Story  

The scars around Hope’s nose and mouth reveal her heart-breaking past. Hope was only a baby when she was the victim of a cruel acid attack.  

We will never know the full details of her ordeal but, we were pleased the person who initially saved her reached out to us for advice and support. 

Poor Hope was badly injured in an acid attack

This call led to us offering to take Hope in where we were able to provide the essential care and treatment she desperately needed.   

Her attackers were never found but the scars around her mouth and nose have left a permanent reminder of the terrible trauma she experienced.  

Years of rehabilitation and sanctuary care with us led Hope to a bright and happy future, eventually being able to live  in a loving Bransby Horses foster home. 

Phantom’s Story 

We were involved in the rescue of around 160 ponies left to fend for themselves on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.  

Some required urgent veterinary care and we feared some wouldn’t survive the winter months. 

One of the ponies was Phantom, a foal born out on the moorland where his herd were struggling to survive.  

Phantom was feral and had never known human interaction. We found him with serious health conditions and our vets gave him a limited chance of survival.

Phantom’s rescue

Phantom spent a number of weeks in isolation, receiving essential care at our Animal Reception Centre.  

Being feral meant Phantom required years of specialist training to be able to treat his many health conditions safely, for both him and our teams. Many health and behavioural setbacks did not deter our teams, and we did not give up on him. We desperately wanted him to know he was now safe and able to live a life where he could trust humans to care for him.  

Today Phantom is almost unrecognisable, living in a foster home where he has successfully competed at very high level.  

Phantom’s success is testament to the dedication and years of hard work by our veterinary and yard teams, without whom, these animals would simply not survive. 

Phantom, Hope and Emerald, along with all the equines in our care remain so for the rest of their lives, whether that’s in a foster home or in sanctuary care with us in Lincolnshire. 

This is only made possible by supporters like you, who make regular donations which enable us to continue giving these wonderful animals the lives they deserve.  

If you can, please support us; whether it’s £1 a week or by leaving a gift in your Will, every donation to Bransby Horses helps us transform the lives of equines together – now and in the future.

Happier days ahead