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Always concerned about the welfare of horses, our founder, Peter Hunt, rescued his first horse Sally in 1947. Sally, a four-year-old mare, was being kept on a bombsite in South London. She was ‘broken in’ at 18 months and was used to pull logs from a spinney. Peter rescued her from an uncertain fate and when he moved to Bransby to start his charity, Sally came with him.

Over half a century later, Bransby Horses now cares for nearly 1000 horses, donkeys, ponies and mules (equines). There are just under 300 equines across our two sites in Lincolnshire (Bransby, which is open to visitors, and Barlings), as well as over 600 equines in foster homes around the UK.

Thanks to amazing public support and the wonderful people who have remembered us in their Will, we continue to create positive impacts on the lives of equines in need through rescue, rehabilitation, care, advice and learning.

We rely solely on support from the general public to help us continue our mission.

We cannot thank you enough for all your support, which simply makes what we do possible.