Main Line - 01427 788464

This phone line currently operates Monday to Friday, 10.00am - 2.30pm. If the line is busy or you are calling out of hours, there is the option to leave a message. Please can we ask that you bear with us at this difficult time. We are currently operating on a limited team of staff.

Thank you for your patience and your ongoing support.


In light of the continually evolving nature of the coronavirus pandemic, we are closed to visitors for the foreseeable future. All activities, including our June event have been cancelled.

Our Bransby site, welcomes thousands of visitors each year, and although we will be closed, our site will remain operational so we can continue to care for the 352 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in our care.

Jo Snell, our CEO says:

“This really is a period of uncertainty for many people across the UK, with heavy flooding during the winter and now the coronavirus pandemic. Like many, we've been impacted too and it's important we prioritise the health and safety of our staff, visitors and equines. "We are facing challenging times. It was only November 2019 when serious flooding affected our land. During the flooding, an additional £200,000 was needed to urgently move some of the equines from the Bransby site to our site at Barlings, where we had to set up temporary facilities. This spring, as coronavirus hits the UK, like many organisations, we are preparing for the worst but we are hoping for the best." Stay up to date with our latest news and keep in touch through our social media channels. We will be sure to bring you lots of great content and imagery.

Help us with our Keep On Keeping On Campaign!


We’re very aware that there are a lot of worthy charities asking for help from their supporters at the moment. The truth being, as most will know, that the pandemic that has drawn our country to a halt has affected many thousands of businesses and charities.

Unfortunately Bransby Horses is no different. Our teams have estimated that our charity will have lost £350,000 since the lockdown and up until the end of June 2020.

If the disruption lasts longer, clearly we will be further affected.

As so many charities are understandably asking for support, we want to ensure we are being sensitive when we ask for help at this challenging time. So we have come up with an idea which we hope won’t be too financially demanding on our supporters whilst helping Bransby Horses Keep On Keeping On.

Read more on how you can enjoy our campaign and get involved...

2020 Lottery News:

Following the government restrictions placed upon our teams by the Covid-19 Pandemic we will be moving back the date of our June 2020 lottery draw.

Our lottery draw will now take place on 24 August 2020.The tickets which will be sent out with our Spring / Summer 2020 Bransby Life will be entered into this August draw. The results of this draw will be published in our news section.

If you would like to start entering our lottery draws, simply sign up to our free Bransby Life magazine. If you sign up, you’ll be sent the next edition this winter 2020 in which lottery tickets will be within, for you to purchase. Full details of how to do this will be included on the tickets.


Welfare Hotline Update - 01427 787369:

Please only use this Welfare line for to report welfare issues or to seek equine support

This phone line currently operates Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 4.30 pm.  

There are many ways you help us Keep On Keeping On, including:

Making a donation or purchasing items on our amazon wishlist:

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