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Family Activities

Devilish Dragons

This summer, Bransby Horses has unveiled an exciting new adventure: the Devilish Dragons Trail. Perfect for families and children, this interactive experience is designed to provide fun and adventure.

The Story:

The mischievous Devilish Dragons have kidnapped the unicorns and locked them away in a mysterious castle. It’s up to the brave adventurers to defeat the dragons, find the unicorns, and save the day!

The Trail:

Participants will embark on a quest through the picturesque grounds of Bransby Horses, following clues and solving puzzles to outsmart the dragons. Each step of the trail brings you closer to the castle where the unicorns are being held.


Dates: The trail is open throughout the summer holidays. Starting Saturday 20th July and ending Sunday 1st September.
Location: Bransby Horses.
Tickets: Tickets can be purchased for £3.50 at our Gift Shop. No booking is required.
Prizes: Complete the trail to receive a special reward and, of course, the satisfaction of having saved the unicorns!

Welfare Trail

NEW for 2024, we are excited to launch our new free welfare trail as part of the visitor experience.

Adults and children can join in and learn all about the wonderful animals that Bransby Horses rescues and rehabilitates. Our junior supporters can become ‘Pony Pioneers’ by answering questions about what they have learned on their quiz sheet and earning their special Pony Pioneer sticker!

Opening Hours

Take part in our fun family activities whilst our site is open. See below for our opening times.

Bransby Horses is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Please note, the visitor centre car park gates are locked at 4.15pm.

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