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‘Ariel was cold and hungry and very weak.

If she had been left any longer she would have died.

I have no idea how she was stood upright and hadn’t collapsed.’ – Donna, Field Officer

In late 2018, Ariel was found with no food, no shelter in a waterlogged field. Her Christmas that year was spent embittered by cold, damp and hunger.

When she arrived at Bransby Horses, Ariel received careful and extensive treatment for worms, malnourishment and later treatment for her twisted hips.

She was housed on a pad with friends Aurora and Cassiopeia, both of which were in foal and later gave birth to two colts; Jupiter and Neptune. Thankfully Ariel wasn’t in foal; her weak pelvis and poor body condition would not have sustained a pregnancy.

To provide her with much needed warmth after being exposed to the elements for so long, Ariel had access to a whole wardrobe of rugs, the team often layering them to keep her snug.

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Quiet and shy

Ariel was quiet and shy to begin with, but her personality began to blossom as more time was spent with her. Once she recognised we were there to help, she was so grateful to be given a second chance.

Every day of the year, including Christmas Day we care, we feed, we’re there. But we can’t do it without your help. Now more than ever, we need your support to provide them a safe and loving home.

Your gift can support horses, ponies, donkeys and mules like Ariel because without you, they don’t have a voice.

Whether you choose to make a regular monthly or one-off donation, it makes a difference. Thank you.


A new way to contribute

Purchasing a ‘Gift with a Difference’ is a fantastic way to help support the work at Bransby Horses. Buy as a gift for a friend or relative or purchase as your contribution towards the equine rescue and welfare work at Bransby.