Horses Running Loose on Humber Bridge Safe at Bransby Horses

30th August 2018

Bransby Horses collected four young horses at the request of Humberside Police. The four horses hit the local headlines when they were seen and filmed running loose across the Humber Bridge on Sunday 26th August around 6pm. Luckily Humberside Police were able to stop the horses, and they were temporarily moved to safety at a…

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Bordeaux and Toulouse

29th August 2018

Bransby Horses have two new arrivals after a call for help from the RSPCA. The mare and stallion, named by staff as Bordeaux and Toulouse, were identified as welfare concerns when their body and feet condition were reported by members of the public earlier in the year. They are believed to be aged between 6…

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‘Hay Five’: Top Tips to Cope With The Hay Crisis

22nd August 2018

Bransby Horses has launched its ‘Hay Five’ campaign to raise awareness of the hay crisis and help support horse owners. Due to the long, wet weather during winter and into spring, the grass growing season has been somewhat delayed meaning owners are already using remaining hay stocks. The demand for hay this winter will be…

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Bransby Horses Secures Future Work with Land Purchase

26th July 2018

The Lincolnshire-based equine rescue and welfare charity, Bransby Horses, has agreed to acquire 800 acres of land to secure the future for thousands of horses that suffer from abuse, neglect or abandonment. Grange Farm, Barlings at Langworth, is a vital investment in the charity’s 50th anniversary year to relieve pressure on its site in the…

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Zeus: A Special Home For A Special Veteran

20th July 2018

Rehoming an older equine is a big responsibility just like any other horse, but some will require additional care and many can’t be ridden. However, this wasn’t a concern for Ellen when she fostered two older equines and has found it very rewarding giving them a second lease of life through their golden years. Zeus…

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‘Friends of Bransby Horses’ Enjoy A VIP Day Out

19th July 2018

Last week Bransby Horses welcomed over fifty ‘Friends of Bransby Horses’ over two days to enjoy a special 50th Anniversary VIP day. The day kicked off with a talk from our CEO, Jo Snell, about the changes made to the charity over the last fifty years and the plans in place for the next fifty….

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Bransby Horses Rescue Abandoned Foals

12th July 2018

Bransby Horses have taken in three colts that were found wandering nervously across Leicestershire’s roads, close to Willoughby by the Wold. All three boys are under five months old and ideally, would still be relying on the mare to support with their development. We believe the youngsters have all been dumped which is sadly becoming…

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Bransby Horses’ Legacy Case Administrator Wins Crispin Ellison Bursary Award

28th June 2018

Bransby Horses is delighted to announce that its Legacy Case Administrator, Mel Banham, has won a Crispin Ellison Bursary Award. The 2018 Bursary Award will meet the costs of studying for the Certificate in Charity Legacy Administration (CiCLA), plus the cost of a year’s membership of the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM). The bursary aims to…

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