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A skewbald foal lying down in a field in the sun overlooked by black mare and another foal

Happy Foals Born To Mares Rescued From Floodwater Cook Up A Storm

17th June 2024

When January’s weather brought a barrage of heavy rain and severe flooding to Lincolnshire, Bransby Horses were called to help rescue a group of horses trapped in a flooded field.

Working alongside the RSPCA, The British Horse Society, Blue Cross and Next Chapter Horse Rescue, we sprang into action to make sure the 13 horses involved didn’t come to any further harm.

The rescued horses were divided amongst each charity, with Bransby Horses taking in four.

Bransby Horses’ Welfare Manager, Rachel Jenkinson, said: “We were asked to assist with the rescue of 13 horses that had been abandoned in a flooded field. By working with the other charities, we were able to make sure all the equines had somewhere to go before we removed them.

“It was a great piece of collaborative working and hats-off to Next Chapter Horse Rescue who were the driving force behind this rescue.”

The mares arrived on-site in March and following veterinary treatment and care, two of them gave birth to healthy foals a few weeks later.

Toothy grin
Teefs! Beverley smiles at the camera

Almost identical to look at, Beverley and Eider named after rivers, were born in April and are now enjoying being the centre of attention here at Bransby Horses.

In fact, the arrival of the foals even caught the attention of Hits Radio for Lincolnshire and Nottingham who sent a reporter to brave the rain in May to come and meet them.

Welfare Manager Rachel Jenkinson is interviewed with Eider close by

Beverley and Eider are certainly getting used to the attention and have been speaking to visitors over the fence where they can be seen grazing with their mums at our main site in Bransby.

Both mares and their foals will remain under our ownership and care for the rest of their lives, be that on-site or in a carefully selected loan home.

We were able to rescue these horses when they had nowhere else to turn thanks entirely to our supporters and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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