Under Application
8 years
13.3 hh

Hay you, have you met Trewella?

Trewella is now looking for a home as a non-ridden companion.

Trewella is a sensitive mare with a lot of intelligence who requires a bit of patience and understanding in order to build a relationship with you. Once that relationship is there, she will happily work through any worries with you in a partnership. Trewella’s perfect partner will implement routine and have patience with her whilst she settles in and adjusts to a one on one home routine. She has overcome a lot of fears since being at Bransby Horses and now thrives with lots of attention, taking particular enjoyment in being groomed and going for walks with her handler.
Trewella would benefit from a home with someone who has a keen interest in training using positive reinforcement methods and the right person could have a lot of fun with her!

More information:

DescriptionTrewella is a 8 year old, 13.3hh, cob mare.

Stabling/Shelter – Trewella currently lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter. She will happily be stabled if needed.

CompanionshipCurrently lives in a herd of mares.

Forage/Feed – No hard feed given at present. Restricted grazing to manage his weight. If grazing becomes too sparse he is supplemented with a low-calorie hay/straw mix.

Vices- Can be needle shy.

Medication – None.

FeetBarefoot, trimmed 6 weekly. Good for farrier.

DentistSedated as part of Bransby Horses procedure.

VetTrewella can be nervous for the vet. In the past, she has been needle shy and we have worked with her to start overcoming this so consideration to this will need to be given.


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