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Let's find your Perfect Partner

Thanks for showing an interest in rehoming one of our equines. Before we get started with the application, let’s go over the essentials. It is important that you read through the below carefully as it could prevent your application proceeding if any of our criteria is not met.

If you are applying for a Ridden Perfect Partner:

  1. Please be aware that most of the ridden equines we have are under 14hh and freshly backed. As such, they require an experienced Perfect Partner to continue their education.
  2. All our equines will have a weight limit stated on their profile. Please check this before applying as you will need to fit the criteria to proceed.
  3. All the ridden equines we have available are advertised on the website. You will need to state which equine you are applying for on your application to be processed.
  4. We will not accept generic applications for ridden equines.

If you are applying for a Non-ridden Companion/Companion with Potential or a Project:

  1. We do not advertise all equines in these categories.
  2. Using our expertise and knowledge we will match each applicant to an available equine based on the information you provide in your application.

Important Information

Please be aware for all applications you will need to have a registered Farrier and Dentist with the relevant professional body. You can check your Farrier and Dentist on the following websites.

Farrier –

Dentist – or

On completing the application if you’ve not supplied a registered professional, Bransby Horses will not be able to process your application.

Useful Documents

Below you will find links to our FAQ’s, Rehoming Process and Rehoming Agreement which we recommend you have a read through to ensure you know what to expect.

Lets get started

We estimate the two phases on this application will take a maximum of 20 minutes. So please find the time, pour yourself a cuppa and let us help find your Perfect Partner.

I accept that I am ready to fill in this application form.

If you are a commercial applicant or you want to rehome a Driving equine, please email: with your contact details.