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Hay You!
Let's find your
Perfect Partner

At Bransby Horses we never want our rehoming process to feel like a beauty contest.
All our equines are equally beautiful inside and that’s what matters when finding a Perfect Partner.

There are many different types of beauty, and with our rehoming process we want to match you with your ideal version of beautiful; your Perfect Partner. This Perfect Partner will be found through our expertise and guidance. We believe that this process, you’re about to go through, will help to ensure our deserving, perfect ponies (and horses!) will find their perfect home as quickly and easily as possible.

We’ve identified 9 types of Perfect Partner profile here at Bransby Horses; 7 Ridden and 2 Companion profiles. Once you’ve filled out the Perfect Partner Application, the next stage is for us to work out which of these profiles will be the right fit and then we start the process of defining which of our residents could be your perfect match.

You may have seen a horse or pony on social media recently and that’s why you’re here. That’s great! There’s a chance this wonderful creature could be your Perfect Partner, but one thing our many years of equine rehoming experience has taught us, is that what you think might be the right horse or pony for you, might not be.

This Perfect Partner process is in two stages:

1) Your Commitment

This is where you pledge a number of promises to Bransby Horses and your future Perfect Partner, to ensure that together we keep our promise to every equine in our care, to give them a second chance and be there for them for the rest of their lives.

2) Perfect Partner Matching

This is where we get to know more about you and your circumstances. We will keep this information in our matching database to start the process of finding your Perfect Partner. As you can imagine, there will be instances where we currently don’t have your match with us, but we will keep your details on record, with your permission*, and when they do come to us, we will contact you.

*Once a month we will send you an email to ensure your details are up to date, that you still wish to be contacted by us, and you are still in a position to rehome your Perfect Partner. You can opt out at any time as will be explained in these emails or by emailing: asking to unsubscribe.

We estimate the two phases on this application will take a maximum of 20 minutes. So please find the time, pour yourself a cuppa and let us help find your Perfect Partner.

I accept that I am ready to fill in this application form.

If you are a commercial applicant or you want to rehome a Driving equine, please email: with your contact details.