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18 years
17 hh

Say hello to Danny

Danny is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion.

Big friendly giant Danny is ready to find a loving home where he can show that the biggest thing about him isn’t his height; it’s his heart. Gentle and loving, he is always available for a good scratch from his handlers and will ensure you’re getting the right spot every time. He will often follow you around the field to see what you’re doing, if he can help, and to ensure he gets the attention (and scratches) he deserves. He is generally good to do and thrives when in a consistent routine. He would benefit from a perfect partner who has experience with larger horses as he does require boundaries being implemented and maintained in a sympathetic manner.
Due to being gelded later in life, Danny is a very dominant boy who must be top of the hierarchy in his herd and can only live with geldings who won’t challenge him for top spot. Despite needing to be the boss in the herd, he is very sweet, loving and playful with his companions who is always down for a good mutual groom.
Danny is a grade 4 roarer and has a history of lameness but has been signed of by our team of vets as able to live out happily in a home.

More information:

Description – Danny is an 18 year old, 17hh, bay, sports horse gelding. 

Stabling/Shelter – Danny is stabled overnight through winter and turned out through the day. In summer he lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter.

Companionship – Danny is a dominant boy who can only live with Geldings. He needs to live with companions who won’t challenge him for top spot. He is sweet and playful with his companions.

Forage/Feed – Danny receives a feed through winter and has access to adlib hay. Through summer he benefits from being on a balancer. 

Rugs – Heavy weight rugs through winter and rain sheets on wetter days through the year.

MedicationDanny is on danilon daily to keep him happy and comfortable due to his lameness. 

Feet – Danny is shod all around with lateral extensions on his hinds.  

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. Danny has had tooth 202 removed and has a mild diastemer which will need checking at regular dentist visits. 

Vet – Danny is a grade 4 roarer so will need a perfect partner who has knowledge and understanding of this. He experiences lameness issues and has had his hock and coffin joint medicated to help. He is on danilon to help keep him comfortable.