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Lead Rein, Riding
6 years
12.1 hh

Say hello to Cassandra!

Cassandra is looking for a home as a ridden pony.

*Cassandra has a maximum rider weight of 8 stone/50kg*
Due to the nature of Cassandra’s intake, we are unable to share photos of her online. 

Cassandra is looking for a home as ridden pony. Having recently returned from a loving home through no fault of her own, she is now ready to find her next perfect partner to have some adventures with. Cassandra is ridden bitless as we have found she is happier with this method and is looking for a rider who can continue her education. Cassandra is a sweet and straight forward mare who is proving to be sensible in all situations. She is very polite and loves attention from her handlers, standing happily for cuddles and a groom. She always puts a smile on your face with her sweetness and is a firm favourite with everyone who spends time with her. You can guarantee that Cassandra will give everything she can to you, and all she asks for in return is to be loved.

Cassandra is a forward girl tor ride, really enjoying her work and seems to prefer going out hacking to being in the school. That said, in the school she is confident in walk and trot and has just started to canter under saddle. She will hack out confidently both on and off the lead rein and has faced varied traffic including farm machinery and motorbikes and has taken it all in her stride. She is very good in all aspects of ground work including lunging in all three paces and long-lining both in and out of the school.

More information:

Description – Cassandra is a 6 year old, 12.1hh, piebald, cob mare. 

Stabling/Shelter – Cassandra can live out 24/7 with access to a shelter and is happy to stable when needed.

Forage/Feed –   Cassandra is not on any hard feed and is on restricted grazing to appropriately manage her weight. If grazing becomes too sparse she is supplemented with soaked low-calorie hay. 

FeetCassandra is barefoot and trimmed 6-8 weekly.

Companionship –  Cassandra has only lived with mares since being with us.

Vices – N/A

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

RugsCassandra does not need to be rugged. 

VetCassandra has no ongoing medical concerns.

Can the equine be mounted unaided? – Yes

Are the aids for walk, trot and canter established? – Yes – all three paces on the lunge and under saddle.  

Can the equine complete the following: Basic transitions between walk, trot and canter? –  Yes – all three paces on the lunge and  under saddle.  

Does the equine move off the leg?-Yes

Can the equine complete basic school movements and transitions?Yes but she is still green.

Will the equine hack out confidently in company and alone? –  Cassandra is good to hack out in company and alone with a grounds person. 

Is the equine good in traffic?   Cassandra is good in traffic.

What experience does the equine have of jumping? N/A.   

What experience does the equine have of competitions/ pleasure rides/ events? N/A