Companion, Project

Description – Mercury is a 12.1hh, 8 year old, piebald, cob type mare.

History – Mercury arrived at Bransby Horses after being found on a busy, main road.

Behaviour & Handling – Mercury is a nice, quiet mare who is good to handle and likes being groomed. She is a stable member of the herd and will nanny the younger horses and less confident herd members.

Perfect Match – Mercury would make a great family companion.

Stabling/Shelter – Happy to live out all year with shelter.

Companionship – Happy to live with mares or geldings.

Forage/Feed – Would need to be on a restricted diet.

Rug – None needed.

Ailments – Does have cloudy eyes but vision is not affected, will need monitoring annually.

Medication – None.

Vices – None.

Feet – Unshod. Good with farrier.

Dentist – Good.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Not clipped.