16 years
11 hh

Hay you, have you met Hamish?

Hamish is now looking to find a home as a non-ridden companion.

Hamish is very sweet and loving, though can have moments of being strong and impatient so he is looking for a Perfect Partner who will find the perfect balance of showering him with love and affection, whilst implementing firm boundaries and a routine whilst he continues with training and adapting to a one to one home environment.
Hamish was castrated when he arrived at Bransby Horses, so this was done quite late in life. Whilst he has not displayed any stallion behaviours since being with us, this is something a potential perfect partner would need to take into consideration.
Hamish is a very good looking boy who loves nothing more than getting cuddles from his handlers. He can get a worried when his friends leave him so he is looking for a home where he will never be without the company of another equine.

More information:

DescriptionHamish is a 16 year old, 11hh, grey, welsh gelding. 

Stabling/ShelterHamish currently lives out 24/7 with access to a field shelter. He will happily stable with other equines in sight. 

CompanionshipHamish lives in a herd of geldings and is a very friendly boy with the other horses. 

Forage/FeedNo hard feed given and restricted grazing. If grazing becomes too sparse he is supplemented with low-calorie hay.

AilmentsHamish has had a history of lameness issues however he has been signed off by our team of vets as field sound to be rehomed as a companion. He is not on any medication. 

FeetBarefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. Hamish needs to be kept in a regular routine of having his feet picked out as he can become reluctant when not in a routine. 

DentistSedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

VetHamish is good for the vet.

ClipHamish has not been clipped whist at Bransby Horses.