Under Application

Description – Brecon is a 13.3hh, Grey, cob type, 9 year old mare.

History – Brecon was rescued with a large group of illegally grazed equines in 2012, she was very young and weak when she arrived at the Charity.

Behaviour & Handling – Brecon has a great, fun loving temperament. She is very good to handle and catch but she will need a firm but fair fosterer to keep her manners in order as she can be a bit bargy given half the chance!

Perfect match – Brecon would thrive in a fun loving home, where she can enjoy plenty of hacking, jumping and schooling. She is very good in busy traffic and is great to go for a good canter across an open field without getting excitable. Brecon has a good jump in her and has been to local shows in the past. Brecon would really suit a busy home with a forward thinking rider who wants to have plenty of fun.

Stable/Shelter – Can live in or out.

Companionship – Can live with mares or geldings and is also happy living next to other equines.

Forage/Feed – Brecon will need a restricted and carefully managed diet to maintain a good body score condition.

Rugs – Brecon is currently fully clipped so will need a suitable rug for the weather.

Ailments – Brecon does suffer with Mallanders on her front legs, this will need careful management to prevent it from becoming sore, a Paraffin based cream to maintain the skin health is all that is needed.

Medication – None

Vices – None

Feet – Good with the farrier and is currently wearing front shoes.

Dentist – Good

Vet – Good

Clipped – Good