Description – Chrome is a 11hh, 5 years old, cob type, piebald mare.

History – Chrome arrived at Bransby Horses during 2016 after being found illegally fly grazed with a group of other youngsters. No owner came forward.

Behaviour & Handling – Chrome is an inquisitive, independent, young mare. She will sometimes test the boundaries when being handled so will need a confident, gentle handler.

Perfect Match – Chrome would hugely benefit from a quiet one to one home where she can bond with someone who will give her time and patience. We believe with regular, consistent handling this will help to bring out the best in her.

Stabling/Shelter – Currently lives out all year with a shelter, can be stabled with friends close by.

Companionship – Currently lives in a mixed herd of geldings and mares.

Forage/Feed – Lives on restricted grazing with hay through the winter.

Rug – Never been rugged.

Ailments – None.

Medication – None.

Vices – Can be a little headstrong.

Feet – Barefoot. Good with the farrier.

Dentist – Good.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Has been sedated for a leg clip in the past.