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6 years
12 hh

Say hello to Auburn 

Auburn is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion.

Exceptionally sweet natured, Auburn is bound to win you over the moment you meet her. She adores human interraction and is always gentle, loving and greatful to receive a good scratch.
Auburn has displayed instances of resource guarding if she is approached whilst eating from a bucket. This is due to her past prior to coming to Bransby Horses so she will need someone understanding and confident to manage this behaviour and work with her to overcome it. She loves going out for in-hand walks to explore and takes everything in her stride.

More information:

Description – Auburn is a 6 year old, 12hh, chestnut, Welsh mare.

Stabling/Shelter – Auburn lives out 24/7 with access to a field shelter. She will happily stable with others in sight.

CompanionshipShe lives in a herd of mares and sits in the middle of the herd hierarchy. She gets on well with all members of the herd and never causes any issues.   

Forage/Feed – No hard feed given and restricted grazing to appropriately manage her weight. When grazing becomes too sparse she is supplemented with low calorie hay.  

Rugs – Not needed.

Medication – N/A

Feet – Barefoot and trimmed 6-8 weekly. She is good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Vet On arrival to Bransby Horses, Auburn has skin lesions at the base of her tail and behind her ears.
She began her education to become a ridden pony earlier in the year however was unable to stand up to any work. She has been signed off by our team of vets as able to live happily as a non-ridden companion in a home.