Sponsorship Stars

***Please be aware that we are currently working with minimal staff at present, so please be patient while we process your sponsor star order. Our main line is open during the hours of 10.00 and 14.30, Monday to Friday****

Latest Update: During this difficult time, we have received further bad news about our lovely Sponsor Star Sophie. Recently she developed a large sarcoid, which was subsequently operated on and safely removed by our vets. Unfortunately, the tumour is very fast growing and we expect that it will redevelop very quickly. For this reason, we have decided to remove Sophie from the Sponsor Star scheme whilst we await the outcome of this surgery and her future treatment. Our focus is always on providing the best possible care to all of our horses, donkeys, ponies and mules.

If you already sponsor Sophie, please continue to do so and we will update your further once we have more information.

Thank you as ever for your continued support


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Sponsor one of our beautiful horses, ponies or donkeys today and hear about how you are helping to support their ongoing journey at Bransby Horses.

For less than a £1 a week, you will get to follow the development of your sponsor star and hear about their ongoing care and education. Each of them are very unique and our teams will share with you the daily routine and mischief that they get up to. This is an amazing way to support the daily funding that we require to look after each and every one of the 361 equines we have at our Lincolnshire site.

When you sponsor a horse, pony or donkey for just £3 a month you’ll receive:

  • Regular updates via mail, email and website – following your special sponsor star’s journey
  • A beautiful glossy photo of your horse, pony or donkey with key information about their character and their specific needs
  • An exclusive gift
  • VIP invites to events onsite to meet your sponsor star, the team that look after them and hear about life at Bransby Horses

You can purchase a sponsor star for yourself or as a gift

Why we need your support

  • It costs an average of £30 a day to take care of one horse, pony, donkey or mule in our care
  • It costs £150 for two large bales of hay – this will feed a herd (a group) of 8 horses for three days
  • We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters like you
  • In 2019, we had 142 intakes, 97 of these were rescues
  • Every equine begins at our Animal Reception Centre (ARC) this costs on average £3,000 to complete various tests before moving on to their next phase of their journey

Sponsor a horse, pony or donkey today