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14 years
14 hh

**Due to the nature of this equines intake, we are unable to share photos of them and their name has been changed.**

Say hello to Sage!

Sage is looking for a home as non-ridden companion.

Sage is an extremely striking and handsome boy who is looking for a very special perfect partner who can continue to teach him that the world is not such a scary place, and that people can be trusted. While he can be a little nervous in some situations, once time has been spent forming a bond with Sage, he is incredibly loving and enjoys nothing more than a fuss and groom from his handler. He is always first to come and greet you in the field and has a lot of love to give. Despite being a naturally shy boy, Sage has really enjoyed greeting the visitors since being at Bransby Horses, and will stand at the fence to say hello to everyone and receive some fuss. He has proven happy and passive living with a mix of both mares and gelding. While passive, he will let the youngsters know when they need to start behaving but this is never in a nasty way.

Sage began experiencing some issues with his eyes, and as a result of the pain from this he struggled to negotiate narrow spaces such as gateways and would rush through them, becoming strong. Since his eyes have been treated and resolved however there have been no instances of this behaviour.

More information:

Description – Sage is a 14 year old, 14hh, palomino, Welsh Section D gelding. 

Stabling/Shelter – Sage lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter. He will stable and is happy to do so when in a routine, however he has been known to box walk briefly if it is not part of his usual routine, but this soon stops. 

Companionship – Sage has lived with both mares and geldings. He is a passive member of the herd and enjoys being in the company of his equine friends. 

Forage/Feed – No hard feed given, is on average grazing and receives ad-lib hay through winter if living out. 

RugsSage wears a mid-weight rug through winter.

Feet – Sage is barefoot and trimmed 6 – 8 weekly. He is good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Sage is sedated for the dentist as standard Bransby Horses procedure. He has had an infundibular carie filling in May and is currently receiving dental checks 6 monthly to check this. 

Vet- Sage suffers from recurring bouts of uveitis so benefits from wearing a UV mask. Any signs of Sage having a uveitis flareup will require veterinary intervention to prevent it becoming painful for him.