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15 years
14.2 hh

**Due to the nature of this equine’s intake, we are unable to share photos of them and their name has been changed**

Say hello to Daphne

Daphne is looking for a home as a non-ridden companion.

Daphne is looking for a perfect partner who has experience with and a love of the Arab breed. She is a beautiful girl both inside and out who is sweet with a sensitive side. She thrives when in a routine and is a very switched on girl typical to her breed. She is very easy to do and loves a good scratch in her favourite spot. She is extremely polite and respectful of her handlers’ personal space. When stabled, Daphne will weave if there are people stood around her stable, however this stops immediately with interaction or when left in a quiet environment. Since being with us at Bransby Horses, Daphne has come a long way and really found herself – we feel that she would excel in a loving one to one home. Daphne has bilateral hock arthritis & OCD which is managed well with pain medication to keep her happy and comfortable. She also has a history of mud fever so will need appropriate management in the winter months.

More information:

Description – Daphne is a 15 year old, 14.2hh, bay, Arab mare.  

Stabling/Shelter – Daphne lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter. She will happily stable however she does display weaving if there is a lot of activity outside of her stable. 

Companionship – Daphne has lived with both mares and geldings and is dominant in the herd. 

Forage/Feed – Daphne generally holds her weight well, however if she starts dropping off through winter, she is supplemented with TopSpec anti-lam which very quickly improves her weight and condition. She has access to ad-lib hay through winter. 

RugsIf living out Daphne has heavy/middle weight rugs during the winter months and a rain sheet if cold/wet during the summer.

Feet – Daphne is barefoot and trimmed 6 – 8 weekly. She is good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Daphne is sedated for the dentist as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

VicesDaphne was previously very fearful of needles however with training and a lick/feed distraction she is now good to do. Daphne does display instances of weaving when stabled. 

Vet- Daphne has bilateral hock arthritis, OCD and a chip on her fetlock. She has had her fetlock and hocks medicated, however needs to remain on pain medication daily (1/2 sachet Danilon) to keep her comfortable. Daphne has a history of mud fever which will need monitoring as we navigate the winter months.