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Vote for Bransby Horses to be granted up to £25,000!

22nd November 2019

Today we’d like you to vote for us to be granted up to £25,000!

By clicking on a link and answering 7 quick questions, you can put us in with the chance of winning some very much appreciated money towards helping equines in need, all thanks to SEIB. The deadline for applications is only days away.

Every year, SEIB Insurance Brokers gives out grants to UK based charities.

This year they’re giving out £50,000 to numerous charities chosen by you. Their public voting is now open so here at Bransby Horses we’re all hoping and wishing that you will take a moment today to nominate us as your charity of your choice.

The deadline is soon approaching – it’s this Thursday, 28th November 2019.

It only takes a minute to vote – there are just 7 questions: your title, name, address and email.

Then it asks you for our full name: Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare

And our Charity Number: 1075601

And finally, you can write, if you want, why you’d like us to win between £1,000 – £25,000

Please click the here (  to nominate us as your favourite charity!

And why haven’t we done this earlier? Well, being honest, we’ve been so caught up with the floods we almost missed it. We know that you go above and beyond for us, and as ever really appreciate you taking the time today to help us with this opportunity.