Introducing Pudding

This year, more than any other, we need your support.

Without you we can’t continue the ongoing welfare work we do countrywide to support horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Our beautiful Bransby Christmas Story invites you to experience the journey that so many of our equines embark on when they arrive here – of course with a magical Christmas twist. Whether you decide to purchase the Pudding’s Christmas Miracle book, sponsor an equine, or make a donation, you make a difference, and for that we can’t thank you enough.

Pudding with ball

Pudding is a Sponsorship Star, for only £3 a month you can sponsor Pudding!

This is an amazing way to support the daily funding that we require to look after each and every one of the equines we have at our Lincolnshire site.

Meet Pudding, a very special pony that’s been left all alone. But this Christmas something amazing is going to happen that will change her life forever…

Children will fall in love with Pudding and follow her rhyming rags to riches story with joy this Christmas!

Pudding and friends

We’re delighted to provide related activities for use in the classroom on our Resources page and encourage teachers to enjoy the Bransby Horses’ Christmas Story with their students.

We also have Pudding’s activity book available for order! Consisting of 32 A4 pages, join Bransby Pudding and complete her activity book, perfect for kids.

Ariel – A real life Bransby Christmas Miracle

In 2018, Ariel was found with a group of horses, they had no food and were in a field which was 90% underwater.

‘Ariel was cold and hungry and very weak if she had been left any longer she would have died. I have no idea how she was stood upright and had not collapsed.’ Donna, Field Officer.

Read more about Ariel’s real life Christmas rescue

Now more than ever, your support makes such a difference. Winter brings its own challenges and your ongoing commitment is amazing. By purchasing a Gift of Warmth you can help keep horses warm through the colder months or perhaps the Gift of Food to help support increased feeding needs during this time. Whatever support you give … Thank you

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