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Remembering Jigily

7th January 2020

It is with heavy hearts and a lump in our throats that we tell you, one of our Adoption Stars, Jigily, was euthanised in December. We have spent the last few weeks telling those who have adopted Jigily this last year, directly.

Jigily has been a much-loved member of the Bransby Horses’ family, having been with us since 2004. This gentle giant came to us when he was diagnosed with ‘wobblers’ by his owner and she was no longer able to care for him. During his 15 years at Bransby Horses, he was most likely seen near the Visitor Centre or Main Yard, happy to have a scratch and a stroke from visitors coming to see him. He also loved to see what staff are up to, by following them around and peering at what they were doing.

Like all those who have left our family in 2019, we all take time to remember them and their wonderful personalities. They have left us but will not be forgotten.

Jigly has had a good life and that is entirely thanks to the support you have given us over the years, support which has meant we can do our job giving them the best care possible.