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Charities combine expertise to help horse owners cut costs not care

14th January 2020

Bransby Horses and other member charities of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) have collaborated to produce two practical guides; one to help horse owners find ways to cut costs without compromising on care and another on making the difficult decision to rehome a horse.

Equine charities are continuing to receive large numbers of calls from horse owners seeking alternative homes for their animals. There are over one million horses and donkeys in the UK and the charitable sector has limited space available and must prioritise welfare and rescue cases.

“Of course, we want to be able to help every horse,” said Nic De Brauwere, Chairman of NEWC. “But with limited funds and resources available we have to prioritise on those in greatest need. By showing how outgoings can be reduced without compromising on the horse’s quality of life we aim to help owners in making the decision to keep their horse and help prevent inadvertent neglect or abandonment. Otherwise we can help them safely navigate the rehoming route.”

NEWC has produced two detailed guides, both of which can be downloaded at
In situations where owners are considering rehoming their horses because they can no longer afford to keep them the ‘Cut cost not care’ guide suggests where sufficient savings may be made to help them keep their horse without making any compromise on health or welfare.

If care costs are still too great and rehoming remains the only option NEWC’s ‘Rehome Responsibly’ guide helps horse owners consider the options whether selling, loaning or retiring. Euthanasia is also discussed in cases where quality of life is diminishing and rehoming solutions are not appropriate.

“We hope the guides will provide support for horse owners who are facing tough decisions this winter, to help to keep more horses and ponies well cared for and secure.” Said Nic De Brauwere.

The guides can be downloaded here

About Bransby Horses and NEWC

Bransby Horses are proud members of the NEWC, working with other equine charities to improve the lives of equines in the UK. Ryan Rouse, Head of External Welfare is on the Board of Directors and Elijah Kettle, Education and Campaign Officer is a member of the NEWC Education and Research Group. Bransby Horses take an active role in research projects and in the development of materials that all members and equine owners can use. It is hoped that this work continues to contribute to the improvement of the lives of horses and ponies across the country.

About NEWC

The National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide.

A ‘not for profit’ membership organisation, NEWC has evolved to become the united voice for equine welfare through working with its network of over 60 likeminded members from across the UK; including charities large and small, organisations from the equestrian and veterinary sectors, and a host of horse industry representatives.

NEWC works to safeguard equine welfare through a membership accreditation scheme, the provision of advice and support for welfare concerns, the promotion of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules ready for rehoming, and the provision of an array of advice and guidance on equine care and management.