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Bransby Horses is looking for ‘Stamp Snippers’

24th January 2020

Bransby Horses have been inundated with kind donations of used postage stamps over the last few weeks. The charity needs more hands to help trim them before selling them on to raise funds for the charity’s welfare work with horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. These used stamps help the team give equines a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Used Stamps are vital to Bransby Horses as they bring in much-needed funds, especially at this time when the charity is recovering from severe flooding which happened in November 2019. If you are wondering about how much impact used stamps can have, in the last 90 days, the charity has raised £9,780 solely from selling donated used stamps on to collectors.

Paul Sharp, Executive Assistant to the CEO at Bransby Horses has said:
“We have incredible supporters who have been sending us lots of used stamps in recent weeks, to help us raise funds. It must be all the Christmas post which has been coming through people’s letterboxes! Whilst we are dealing with the aftermath of the flooding, tasks like these are difficult for us to undertake but are so important. We are looking for volunteers to help cut around the edges of stamps and whilst this role takes time, it is such a vital role in turning sacks of stamps into funding. If you have used stamps, please think of us before you bin them, as every single one we are sent makes huge difference to us. Please keep them coming!”

If you are interested in this role or any volunteering roles at the charity, contact Hannah Ghest: