Sponsor Star Womble


Born: 2009

Arrival at Bransby Horses: 2011

Size: 11hh

Breed: Welsh Pony

Womble arrived at Bransby Horses along with 26 other ponies, after they were seized from a site in Wrexham.  Their living conditions were considered unsuitable and Womble had been completely unhandled.  Womble is a beautiful dark grey Welsh with a very lovable character.  While he can still be a little nervous, especially in gateways and small spaces, he is gaining confidence and can be easily won round by scratching his chest. He can be a little cheeky to catch and often thinks it’s good fun to get his best friend Rodney involved in running away from us. Having arrived in the same rescue, the pair are inseparable – wherever Womble is, Rodney is never far behind.

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