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Improving Welfare With Healthcare Clinics

30th May 2022

Members of our Welfare Team, along with other equine charities and industry professionals, have been assisting The British Horse Society (BHS) at clinics up and down the country.

The clinics offer advice and help with areas of horse care, from worming to weight management, castration, passporting, microchipping, dental checks, hoof care and vaccinations.

Started and run by the BHS, these clinics form part of the work Bransby Horses and other equine charities do to improve equine welfare and prevent indiscriminate breeding and abandonment – a very real issue for us all as we struggle to accommodate the number of horses needing help.

Welfare Manager Rachel Jenkinson said: “To be seen as a support network for any equine owner is a great achievement for all agencies involved. The only way to tackle the problem is to offer solutions.”

Over the past seven years the BHS have held 32 clinics, seeing over 1,450 horses and castrating over 680 colts/stallions.

Each clinic has, on average, 45 horses attend with their owners.

Clinics were held on:

  • May 4th in Essex
  • May 19th when the BHS welfare team supported Bransby Horses with a ‘weight and worm day’ at Lincoln Common.

The next will be:

Visit the BHS website for further health care clinic information at