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Improving Denzel’s Quality of Life

10th May 2017

New arrival Denzel (pictured) came into the care of Bransby Horses at the request of the RSPCA on Easter Sunday this year. Concerns about Denzel were raised because he appeared to be incredibly lame, overweight and had overgrown feet. Alongside Bransby Horses and consulting vets, the RSPCA seized Denzel from a field near Grantham due to his basic care needs not being met.

On arrival to the Animal Reception Centre (ARC), Denzel had a body condition score of 5, sadly defined as obese for a horse. Obesity in equines is just as dangerous for health as being underweight. Visibly lame because of his size, worries grew for the risk of laminitis. Administered with pain relief and investigated further through X-Rays, it was discovered that Denzel had a deep abscess in his left fore-hoof which has now been dealt with and treated.

Denzel has been provided with his own specialist feeding programme to support him with sensible weight loss, which will be closely monitored to ensure that he is receiving the correct nutrition whilst reducing his weight. Once his physical condition improves, Denzel will be castrated and will move onto the main farm once he is ready.

A kind-natured horse, Denzel is responding well to treatment and is a firm favourite with the team. With the correct care, it is hoped that Denzel’s quality of life will be improved.

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