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Tizzy & Munchkin Retire from the Adoption Scheme

9th May 2017

Adoption horses, Tizzy & Munchkin, will no longer be available on the Adoption Scheme as we have made important changes to improve their welfare.

Tizzy & Munchkin are often nervous around people and can be difficult to handle. Although we have made excellent progress with both of them since they arrived at the charity, their troubles from the past still affect their behaviour and Munchkin in particular struggles with routine visits from the farrier, vet and dentist.

With this in mind, Munchkin has been moved to the Peter Hunt Yard, which is where horses receive individualised handling programmes to build their confidence.

Tizzy will remain at the Visitor Centre Yard where she is settled with her friend Sophie and Munchkin has made a new friend in Solo on the Peter Hunt Yard. Neither Tizzy nor Munchkin showed signs of distress at their separation so we are happy with the decision to move Munchkin which is in the best interest of both horses; Tizzy has already become more confident without Munchkin.

It has been decided that Tizzy & Munchkin will be removed from the adoption scheme as they are not comfortable with visitor interaction and it is unfair to involve them with visitor events if they don’t enjoy the attention. Their adoption day will go ahead 20th August (with a walk over to see Munchkin) and you are more than welcome to visit them both during our normal opening hours.

We would like to thank you for your support and hope that you will consider adopting one of our other horses or donkeys instead.

Your kind donation of £10 a year helps us to make a real difference to rescued equines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Supporter Services on 01427 788464 or email