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Nemo & Dory

19th May 2017

Nemo and Dory came into the care of Bransby Horses on 24th March 2017 following their abandonment in a field near Newark. The two Shetland ponies’ basic needs were not being met, and locals started to step in to offer them food and water. Following several calls from concerned members of the public, Bransby Horses took Nemo and Dory into their care to ensure that they received the care and love they deserve.

Assessment from the team at the Animal Reception Centre (ARC) and consulting vets revealed that Nemo and Dory had lice infestations and required a range of treatments to bring them back to full health including farrier care, dental care, worming and veterinary treatment.

Six-year-old black gelding Nemo was entire on arrival and underwent a castration after he was treated for his heavy lice burden. His friend Dory, a grey mare that is 18 years old, had her coat clipped due to a lice infestation that had made her skin sore, which required treatment close to the skin. Dory was in a poor condition and was underweight, had very overgrown feet and had little trust in humans.

After some tender loving care and correct treatment, Nemo and Dory responded well to treatment and we are delighted to let you all know that these adorable Shetland ponies have found their ‘Friend for Life’ under the successful Bransby Horses rehoming scheme. They will both be leaving over the next couple of days straight from the ARC to go to their separate homes, as they have such different needs. Hats off to the team at the ARC who do a fantastic job of rehabilitating these ponies to enable them to find their forever homes.

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