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Horse Owner Evening: The Importance of Bit and Bridle Fit with James Cooling

16th July 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Bransby Horses
£5 per ticket
Education and Campaigns Officer
01427 788464

An evening with James Cooling, Horse Fit Bit Consultant, who will be here to discuss the importance of bit and bridle fit to improve a horse’s comfort, biomechanics and their welfare.

Horse Fit Bit believe that the correct fit of both a bit and bridle are equally as important as saddle fit and should not be left to trial and error. James is an accomplished horseman with 35 years of experience across the disciplines; has qualifications in Lorinary Science, Saddle Fitting, BHS stages and has worked with Monty Roberts on a number of different projects.

During the evening, James will cover:

  • bit and bridle fit to improve horse’s comfort and biomechanics.
  • dispelling some traditional myths surrounding bitting.
  • looking at some of the latest research on bitting and bridle fit.
  • understanding anatomy in relation to bit and bridle fit.
  • looking at behavioural and physical issues arising from poor bitting and bridle fit to improve horse’s welfare.
  • looking at the function of bits/bridles and bittless bridles.
  • selection of case studies.

Tickets are £5 per person, to reserve your ticket please email with Bit Evening’ in the subject line. Payment will be taken on arrival at the Visitor Centre. The Feedroom Café & Gift Shop will be open from 6pm and close shortly after 7pm. Please arrive in plenty of time to secure any purchases before the evening session.