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Bullseye and Lasso Update

17th February 2017

Bullseye and Lasso were taken into charity care on Tuesday 14th February.

Sadly, the decision was made with the vets this afternoon to have Lasso put to sleep. Although he initially responded to treatment, he rapidly began to deteriorate yesterday, despite the plasma transfusion he was given on Wednesday. He had fluid in his lungs and trachea which would have developed in to pneumonia and his protein levels were dangerously low due to his emaciated state.

Bullseye was wormed yesterday and so far is showing no adverse effects. However, he remains very ill and staff will continue to care for him around the clock, hoping his condition doesn’t worsen.

Thank you to everyone for their support at this sad time. It is only with your kind donations that we can be here for horses like Bullseye and Lasso.

We hope everyone can take comfort in the fact that Lasso received the best possible care in his last few days.