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Temporary Closure of Herefordshire Site

17th February 2017

Bransby Horses is to relocate 48 equines from the Stoke Prior site in Herefordshire to the Lincolnshire site. This move comes ahead of a temporary site closure which is in the best interests of the horses.

The charity has struggled to recruit and retain staff at Stoke Prior, in part due to its remote location which can be difficult to access in bad weather. Reduced staffing has limited rescue and rehoming numbers, and whilst team members from the Lincoln site have been providing interim support, this isn’t sustainable long-term. Therefore, the decision was made for all of the horses to be moved to the Lincolnshire site which is fully staffed.

Over the next few weeks a full review of the Herefordshire site will be carried out before a decision is made as to whether the site is viable and can meet the charity’s objectives.

Said CEO, Jo Snell: “Whilst we are disappointed to see Stoke Prior temporarily close, we must fulfil our promise as a charity to help as many horses, donkeys and mules as possible.

“It is pleasing that many of the horses can now begin the ridden training programme and reach their full potential; previously they were receiving sanctuary care but specialist training wasn’t possible without a full team in place at Stoke Prior.”