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What To Do When Flooding Looms

19th January 2024

As a responsible owner it’s important to keep your horses safe during floods. It can be useful to have an emergency plan ready as flooding can happen quickly and being prepared will enable you to get your animals to safety more easily.

Below you’ll find advice on what to do to prepare for floods, with some tips we hope will help to keep you and your equines safe.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Weather Forecast

When storms are predicted to bring heavy rain, check the weather forecast in your area and make an emergency plan for what you will do if your paddocks, stables or both are flooded or damaged.

  • Floodwater rises rapidly. If there’s a flood warning, don’t just hope for the best – act early;
  • Move animals to high ground if the escape route is accessible and you haven’t already;
  • Ensure you can be contacted in an emergency by those with access to your equines;
  • Consider an escape route which is safe for your equines and if possible fit extra gates to create an emergency access;
  • Have numbers handy of people or equestrian transport companies who you know can quickly move your horses if needed;
  • Look into the options of having a friend or nearby yard on hand who would be happy to provide short term livery if needed;
  • Emergency supplies – make sure you have emergency feed and fresh water supplies;
  • Stay up to date with flood warnings in your area through the Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or check at
  1. Check Your Horses Frequently When The Weather Is Bad
  • As a responsible owner your horses ideally be checked at least twice a day but, when the weather is bad, this could be more frequent;

During and after a flood, sewage, manure and chemicals can pollute water and this could cause harm to any animals that drink it. Monitor your animals closely (especially young ones) and seek advice from equine professionals for any concerns.

  1. What to do about equines you do not own
  • In an emergency, such as a situation where horses need rescuing from flood water call the RSPCA on 03001234999. Bransby Horses are not able to rescue equines from flooded paddocks. The emergency services may help but they will prioritise human life and may be busy dealing with these emergencies.
  • Never put your own life at risk to rescue a stranded horse.
  • Horses on your land without your permission automatically become your responsibility under the Control of Horses Act 2015.
  • The Animal Welfare Act 2006 requires anyone who is responsible for an equine, whether on a permanent or a temporary basis:
  • Provides a suitable environment for the equine to live.
  • Provides the equine with a healthy diet.
  • Must ensure the equine is able to behave normally.
  • Must ensure the equine has appropriate company.
  • Protects the equine from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

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