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Uncovering Cost Of Living Effect On Those Caring For Horses

19th January 2024

Two new Cost of Living Surveys have been launched to help welfare charities better understand the financial pressures being faced by horse owners.

The first, aimed at anyone who keeps horses in the UK, was developed with support from Bransby Horses and other NEWC (National Equine Welfare Council) members including World Horse Welfare, Redwings, Blue Cross, The British Horse Society and Oak Tree Animals Charity.

The 10 minute questionnaire is available to do online until Friday, February 16, 2024 and can be accessed HERE

It follows on from last year’s when, in response to the cost of living crisis, NEWC surveyed horse owners around the country- a summary can be found HERE

Around 8,000 responses showed that while many were still just about coping – often by making sacrifices elsewhere in their lives – all possible cost savings had already been made, leaving little room for a further squeeze on purses.

A second survey will be targeting charities and organisations such as Bransby Horses, to find out how the continuing cost of living crisis is effecting them.

Horse being offered water
Thirsty work

The anonymised results will be made public to highlight any challenges and concerns horse owners are facing, and their potential impact on equine welfare.

The results will also be shared with the UK Government, Devolved Administrations, and local authorities to help inform their understanding of the situation as well as policy decisions.