Description – York is a 9hh, 2 year old, tri-coloured, native type gelding.

History – York arrived at Bransby Horses after he was found running along a busy, main road with his friends. No owner came forward.

Behaviour & Handling – York is a playful, fun little chap, he loves being around people and enjoys a pamper and fuss session. He is a little nervous around traffic due to his first experience with it but we believe with time, patience and reassurance he will be ok with this.

Perfect Match – York is looking for a home with equines of similar age and size so he can still have a little play. Due to his age he will need an experienced handler to help guide him with his manners etc.

Stabling/Shelter – Happy living out all year with shelter. Does go in the stable but is a little unsure with this so will need further training to help reassure him.

Companionship – Only ever lived with geldings at Bransby Horses.

Forage/Feed – Does need to be on a restricted diet.

Rug – No rug needed.

Ailments – None.

Medication – None.

Vices – None.

Feet – Barefoot. Good with the farrier.

Dentist – Good.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Never been clipped.

If you could offer York a home please click here .