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Under Application
14 years
15 hh

Say hello to Josaphine!

Josaphine is ready to find a home as a ridden horse.

Josaphine is not located at our Bransby Horses site. 

Josaphine is not a sort that comes along often. Not only will she steal your heart the moment you meet her, but she has a real zest for life and genuinely enjoys her work. Having recently returned from a very loving, long term foster home through no fault of her own, Josaphine is ready to find her new partner in crime to take the world by storm. She is a large girl who is forward in her way of going so would benefit from an adult or experienced teenager who can keep her active and in regular work.
She has taken part in many activities such as attending clinics, camps, cross country and show jumping. She very much enjoys her jumping and adores cross country, really coming into her own with this. She will also school nicely and will produce a nice dressage test. She has gained invaluable experience in her previous home and has a lot to give in her new partnership.

*Josaphine has a maximum rider weight of 14 stone/ 88kg*

More information:

Description – Josaphine is a 14 year old, 15hh, piebald, cob mare.   

Stabling/Shelter – Josaphine is currently stabled overnight and turned out in the day.

Forage/Feed –   No hard feed and restricted grazing to appropriately manage her weight.

Feet – Josaphine is shod all-round and is good for the farrier. 

Companionship –  Josaphine is happy living with mares. 

Vices – N/A

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Rugs – Josaphine does not need rugging unless she is clipped in winter.  

Vet – Josaphine is prone to weight gain so will need appropriate management to ensure she remains a healthy weight.

Can the equine be mounted unaided? – Yes

Are the aids for walk, trot and canter established? – Yes. 

Does the equine move off the leg?- Yes, she is forward. 

Can the equine complete basic school movements and transitions? – Yes

Will the equine hack out confidently in company and alone? –  Yes

Is the equine good in traffic?   Yes

What experience does the equine have of jumping? Josaphine is experienced with jumping and enjoys this. 

What experience does the equine have of competitions/ pleasure rides/ events? Clinics, camps, cross country and show jumping