Under Application

Description – Bella is a 13.3hh, piebald, cob type mare.

History – Bella arrived at Bransby Horses during 2015.

Behaviour & Handling – Bella is a very sweet, beautiful pony who will need a consistent and understanding handler as she can be marish.

Perfect Match – Bella is looking for a small, lightweight, adult rider that is interested in jumping and hacking as this is what Bella has shown a particular love for, we feel she would excel in this area too. Bella is happy to hack alone or in company and is brilliant in traffic. She generally enjoys being out and about and is now ready to see the outside world. We also feel Bella would make an ideal riding club member.

Stable/Shelter – Can live out all year with a field shelter. Is currently stabled at night and out in the day.

Companionship – Currently lives with mares.

Forage/Feed – Currently has hay in the stable at night, a feed balancer and grass in the day.

Rug – Wears a rug in the winter.

Ailments – None.

Medication – None.

Vices – None.

Feet – Front shoes. Good with the farrier.

Dentist – Good.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Bella needs time and patience with being clipped.

If you feel you could offer Bella a home, please click here .