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Lead Rein
7 years
12.2 hh

Say hello to Alicia

Alicia is now ready to find a home as a lead rein pony.

Alicia has spent some time in a loving home, returning through no fault of her own and is now ready to find her next perfect partner to share adventures with!
Alicia is a polite young lady who has fantastic manners on the ground. She loves spending time with her handlers for a groom and is both bold and respectful under saddle. She has a sensitive demeanor so would suit a knowledgeable home with a quiet rider. She is good to do in all ways, though is a little nervous of clippers but with confidence and reassurance she is improving all the time.

She is experienced in all aspects of ground work including working in all 3 paces on the lunge, long lines in the arena and out hacking, pole work and has been ridden both on the lead and solo in walk and trot. Out hacking she prefers to be in front but will go behind if needed. She is good with all traffic including farm machines, cars and push-bikes.

More information:

Description – Alicia is a 7 year old, 12.2hh, skewbald, cob mare. 

Stabling/Shelter – Alicia can live out 24/7 with access to a shelter and is happy to stable when needed.

Forage/Feed –   Alicia is not on any hard feed and is on restricted grazing to appropriately manage her weight. If grazing becomes too sparse she is supplemented with soaked low-calorie hay. 

Feet – Alicia is barefoot and trimmed 6-8 weekly.

Companionship –  Alicia has only lived with mares since being with us, and is a passive member of the herd; though she will stand up for herself if needed. 

Vices – Alicia is a little nervous of clippers but is improving all the time. 

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Rugs – Alicia does not need to be rugged. 

VetAlicia has had both stifles medicated and has been signed off as happy to live out in a home as a lead rein pony.

Can the equine be mounted unaided? – With a grounds person

Are the aids for walk, trot and canter established? – Yes in ground work and on the lead rein. 

Can the equine complete the following: Basic transitions between walk, trot and canter? –  Yes in ground work and on the lead rein.

Does the equine move off the leg?- N/A

Can the equine complete basic school movements and transitions? – N/A

Will the equine hack out confidently in company and alone? –  Alicia is good to hack out in company and prefers to lead the group. 

Is the equine good in traffic?   Alicia is good in traffic.

What experience does the equine have of jumping? N/A.   

What experience does the equine have of competitions/ pleasure rides/ events? N/A