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15th May 2018

Bransby Horses received a call from a member of the public on Saturday afternoon who had found a foal dumped on a public footpath in Gainsborough. The External Welfare Team rushed to collect the colt that was just a few hours old and seriously ill.

Bertie, named by the kind person that found him and contacted us, picked up slightly when he arrived at Bransby Horses. Following veterinary attention and milk he made it onto his feet and enjoyed a cuddle with the staff. Shortly after though, he deteriorated and despite the best efforts of the Emergency Vet, he died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Said Ryan Rouse, Head of External Welfare: “Bertie had been discarded like a piece of litter on a public footpath. In all my time with the External Team I have never experienced such a callous act to just dump a new born foal on a rarely used path. In his short life Bertie had to experience the horrific side of human nature.

“The only glimmer of comfort in this case was the fact that the kind hearted members of public and team who cared for him, showed him such love and empathy for the short time they were able. The loss of any equine at Bransby Horses is a sad time but to lose a foal at only a few hours old because somebody could dump him without a second thought is simply heart breaking.”

If you have any information regarding Bertie please phone the Welfare Hotline on 01427 787369 or email You can also contact the Police on 101 quoting the Police Incident Number: 371 12 5 18.