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Bransby Horses Assists at British Horse Society Clinic

10th May 2018

Bransby Horses, along with other equine charities and industry professionals, assisted The British Horse Society (BHS) at Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, for a clinic on Tuesday 1st May 2018. The clinic was a great success and welcomed a total of 77 horses on the day, of which 28 were castrated and 68 were issued with a passport.

The BHS first began offering clinics in 2015 in light of the equine welfare crisis where indiscriminate breeding and abandonment became a real issue for equine charities that were struggling to accommodate the number of horses needing help. This crisis initiated the clinics so that several equine welfare charities could work collaboratively to help educate owners and improve horse welfare. 

To date, 18 successful clinics have taken place nationwide which have been attended by a total of 871 horses with 402 castrations performed. The clinics are open to all and offer expert advice from multiple Vet practices and charities that are in place to offer education and support.

Head of External Welfare at Bransby Horses, Ryan Rouse, attended the clinic and said: “I am proud to represent Bransby Horses with the team at the clinics managed by the BHS. The collaborative working amongst all the charities on these days has been a real positive in breaking down the barriers previously in the way of delivering a better standard of care. To be seen as a support network for any equine owner is a great achievement for all agencies involved. The only way to tackle the problem is to offer solutions and, on this occasion, I feel we have all done our bit.”