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Remembering Pistachio

23rd September 2021

We are very sorry to announce the passing of much-loved Shetland, Pistachio. Supporters will remember Pistachio for his close relationship with son and popular Sponsorship Star, Pecan.

Our beloved Shetland family (Pistachio, son Pecan and his mother, Cashew) arrived at the charity in 2016 when Pecan was just one month old. They had been seized by a local council and needed a home. Whilst Pistachio and Cashew both found their Perfect Partner in foster homes, Pecan remained at the charity due to chronic breathing difficulties.

Pistachio returned to Bransby some years later and was reunited with Pecan. However on admission, his health checks revealed he was suffering from liver issues. Pistachio was put on immediate treatment and underwent regular vet checks, which eventually showed a deterioration in his condition which meant he required close monitoring by the team.

Team Members Sasha and Bex said, “When we first met Pistachio he was a shy but fierce character who was protective over his family. Once we gained his trust, he became a favourite with many of us.”

In addition to his underlying liver issues, Pistachio developed an eye ulcer ultimately leading to having his eye removed. Pistachio showed immense bravery in the face of losing his eyesight on one side and with his son for support, he coped extremely well. However, as soon as his eye condition improved, unfortunately Pistachio took a turn for the worse and developed colic on top of his pre-existing conditions. Our veterinary teams and handlers had been monitoring Pistachio closely for many months now and made the difficult decision to relieve this kind and caring boy of his suffering.

Supporters will remember that on Pistachio’s return to Bransby Horses, he was reunited with Pecan and they could often be found playing together on the Visitor Centre Yard, much to the amusement of visitors, his handlers and our social media followers.

Shell Craven, Visitor Centre Yard Team Leader said, “Seeing Pistachio and Pecan playing and loving life together was always the highlight of the day.  He was a quiet boy and we enjoyed caring for him.  His herd is an empty one without him.”

Sasha and Bex continued, “He and Pecan were best friends until the end. It’s not the same now looking into Pecan’s field and not seeing two identical ponies and having to get closer to tell them apart.

“There’s so much I could say about him, he was such a special little man with a big character. He adapted so well to having one eye. He was just a very special little fella with a big heart. We miss him so much.”

Our team want to thank you for your support at this difficult time and know that Pecan has been receiving additional attention from our teams to help him cope with his grief.  We know that Pistachio was a firm favourite with many of you too. If you’d like to keep in touch with Pecan, please consider visiting him on our Visitor Centre Yard or becoming a Sponsorship Star Supporter.