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We rehome many equines, from competition horses, to non-ridden companions. Our priority is to ensure that the loan is right for both the equine and the foster carer. Animals who are rehomed as companions are usually residents who do not require specialist handling. The welfare of our horses, donkeys and mules will always remain the most important consideration.

Bransby Horses always retains legal ownership of every animal and makes regular welfare checks. If need be, an equine can always be brought back into the Charity so its future is secure no matter what. Bransby Horses also offers support to all Friend for Life fosterers and helps them make the most of looking after their rescued horse, donkey or mule.

Every successful Friend for Life applicant needs to accept Bransby Horses’ Rehoming Terms and Conditions and sign a formal loan agreement. We work very hard to make our Friend for Life scheme a success and more than 400 horses, ponies and donkeys are currently thriving in their special loan homes. We are very grateful to all our foster carers as they have not only taken on the long term care of a rescued equine, but have enabled the Charity to continue rescuing even more equines in desperate need of help.

If you are interested in rehoming a Bransby Horses’ equine, please see below to find out more about the scheme and to view our rescued equines that are currently looking for their Friend for Life.

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