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New brushes and barrows at Bransby Horses boost morale on the yards

6th December 2019

Lincolnshire equine charity, Bransby Horses, has received hundreds of donations of items from their Amazon Wishlist in the last four weeks. Amongst the standing water, mud and grey weather on their site, bright new head collars, shiny new wheelbarrows and colourful brushes can be seen in the hands of yard teams busy caring for more than 400 equines this December.

In just under a month, following heavy flooding which has damaged 40% of their land, supporters have been busy buying items from the charity Amazon Wishlist. So far, the charity has been gifted a huge variety of items, including:


Fly masks


Body brushes and tail brushes

Mane and tail conditioners

Tubtrugs (feed buckets)


Overreach boots





The charity has been good at using what they have already but the new items help to make routine jobs, which have been more challenging in the difficult weather, a little easier.

Caz Sykes, Deputy Farm Manager at Bransby Horses said:

“The items we have received across the site from our supporters are making such a difference to us already. It will be a long and hard winter and a tough 2020 but these gifts will help us enormously, day-to-day. Little things like having a lighter wheelbarrow to push, a brush which is easier to groom with or knowing we have plenty of bandages, helps us save precious minutes but also our own backs and hands. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you are our Christmas angels!”

The Amazon Wishlist is still available to buy from. The items featured all contribute, making a difference to this in need charity. Bransby Horses has a particular need for clippers at the moment, with many teams asking for them across the charity.

The charity is also desperate for donations of money and time, so they can move through these challenging circumstances. As well as the £6m needed to run the charity in 2020, they also need an additional £200,000 to move some of their equines to their new site at Barlings, as 40% of the land at Bransby is not usable now, after the flood gates were opened to save thousands of homes in Lincoln.

Bransby Horses has been rescuing equines from mistreatment and neglect for 51 years. The charity is dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in their care and works 365 days a year to make a difference to equines. With more than 400 equines on their site at Bransby and another 500 in foster homes across the UK, they have a big job on their hands but are passionate about making a difference and giving equines who have had a tough start in life, a second chance. For more information, please visit: