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Remembering Pip, Digit and Diamond

4th December 2019

It has been a difficult time for Bransby Horses recently, as the team is still dealing with the challenges the floods have presented. The autumn and winter of 2019 have also seen lots of characters reaching the end of their lives, as their health conditions deteriorated. You may not know them all but here are three you may have supported, followed, adopted, met or made friends with over the years.


Playful Pip

Pip was a much-loved member of the Bransby Horses’ family, having been with the charity since 2012. This cheeky and playful character came to the charity when he was found abandoned with a swollen hock and long hind feet.  After being rescued and treated, Pip lived at Peter Hunt Yard then at Walklands Farm with Thoroughbred, Alex, where they became very good friends. When the pair moved to the Visitor Centre in 2017, they remained firm friends and made lots of new ones too.


Pip liked spending time with fellow Adoption Star, Justice, most of all. They both loved affection from people, so they spent a lot of time saying hello to our staff and visitors up at the fence.


Since his rescue, Pip continued to have trouble with his hock but in October 2019, he had issues with both hocks. An x-ray revealed that they were both deteriorating and starting to cause him pain. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t treat this condition and the difficult decision was made to put him to sleep.


Sweet Digit

Digit was a sweet and friendly character had severe burns when he came to us, rescued from a stable fire in 2006. He was so nervous and scared.  After being rescued and treated, Digit lived near the Visitor Centre with his friend and fellow Adoption Star, Sparky. Over the years, Digit liked to spend time with Sparky and Sammy.


Since his rescue, Digit has lived a quiet and peaceful life at Bransby Horses with just a few health challenges over the years. After recovering from severe burns when he was first rescued, we discovered he had Cushing’s disease which needed continuous monitoring. Digit also needed to recover emotionally and slowly, he learned to trust our caring team. Team Leader, Michelle, shared that at times he could be a little monkey, mainly when he needed to be wormed or had a dentist appointment. He usually needed to be persuaded to be a good boy, with a tasty banana – what a cute chap!


Gentle Diamond

You may remember the story of Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Peridot and Tanzanite, who came into Bransby Horses’ care in January 2016 in what the charity described as one of the most ‘shocking cases of neglect they had ever seen’. Alongside the RSPCA and Lincolnshire Police, Bransby Horses assisted in the rescue of these five Arab horses from appalling conditions.

After months of intensive care to nurture them back to full health, the five Arabs enjoyed a quiet life at the charity, receiving the correct care and attention that they deserve. Diamond, along with friends, Emerald, Peridot and Tanzanite, enjoyed life on the Visitor Centre Yard. Diamond even spent some time in a loving foster home in 2017 where she was given the opportunity to experience life as a ridden horse. She enjoyed hacking out and did some jumping. It is heart-warming to know she had the chance to spend time as part of the wider Bransby Horses family.

Unfortunately, Diamond became lame as her growth plates never developed properly, due to the mistreatment she experienced earlier in life. This issue became evident as she got older which meant she couldn’t continue her ridden career. Whilst the charity did everything they could to help her have the best chance of recovery, after almost four years at Bransby Horses, she was put to sleep. Her pain was too much to live with and her quality of life would have been severely compromised.


Thank You…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting these amazing horses during their time with us. Despite their past experiences and ongoing health issues, they had a very happy life here at Bransby Horses for many years. Without generous supporters, like yourself, we wouldn’t have been able to provide the level of care they deserved and give them the chance to enjoy their lives to the fullest.



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