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Meet Evelina and Yogi Bear!

3rd May 2018


Passchendaele, who came to Bransby Horses as part of a Multi-agency rescue in 2017 along with another Shire, Honour, gave birth to a beautiful filly, Evelina (above) in the early hours of Saturday morning. Both mare and foal are doing well and Passchendaele and Evelina are happily grazing with Honour, who is enjoying having a new field mate!  Passchendaele is very protective over her new foal but they are in a quiet area at the charity where they can bond and settle into life together. The gentle giant is becoming a favourite with staff and is growing in confidence every day which is great to see!

Unfortunately, visitors are still unable to meet Honour Passchendaele and her new foal at the moment as they are still in the Animal Reception Centre but we will be sure to keep visitors updated on their progress and when they are able to meet them.

If one foal wasn’t enough excitement for one week, Lottie also gave birth to a healthy colt in the early hours of Tuesday morning, that has been named by staff as Yogi Bear (below). Again, both mare and foal are doing well and as Lottie is a second time mum, she is taking it all in her stride. Lottie and Yogi Bear are at the Peter Hunt Yard where visitors can meet the pair, but we would ask visitors to remain quiet and calm around the horses to ensure they do not become stressed.

Bransby Horses operates a strict no breeding policy and the foals in the charity’s care are due to the mare being in foal at the time of their rescue.