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Loose Horse Killed and Three Injured in Road Collision

2nd October 2017

Bransby Horses is appealing for information regarding four loose horses in the Saxelbye area in Melton Mowbray. The charity was contacted by the RSPCA and the Police yesterday (1st October) to retrieve three mares and a colt from the roadside.

Unfortunately, one mare who was thought to be the mother of the colt, was hit by a car and subsequently died. The others also sustained injuries and were brought to Bransby Horses to receive the required veterinary treatment.

The horses appear to have been previously well cared for and are in good condition, aside from the injuries sustained in the road collision. The two mares are approximately three years of age. Despite conversations with local land owners and residents an owner has not been identified.

Bransby Horses is asking for anyone with information regarding these horses or their owner to please contact the Police on 101 and quote the incident number 298 01/10/17.