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Laminitis Alert to all Equine Owners

6th November 2019

Laminitis is often thought of as a disease only affecting equines in the spring and summer, but did you know that Laminitis is still a risk at this time of the year?  

During the day, grass uses the sunlight to produce sugars via photosynthesis. These sugars are then used overnight for grass growth.  Grass can only grow and use up these sugars above temperatures of about 5oC. Below this temperature, these sugars accumulate in the grass and when consumed by a laminitis-prone equine, can result in an episode of the disease. 

If you notice clinical signs including a slightly pottery gate, reluctance to move, weight-shifting or pounding digital pulses, call your vet immediately. It is so important to quickly implement a treatment plan that’s suitable for your equine and their environment.  For more information, visit