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Artist Impression of Bransby Horses Your Horse Live Stand 298

Bransby Horses brings rescue conditions to Your Horse Live 2019

31st October 2019

Bransby Horses has created a new stand concept for Your Horse Live 2019. The national charity, which cares for hundreds of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, is planning to recreate conditions from a real horse rescue and show the public how they can make a difference.

The stand, nicknamed ‘Rags to Riches’, is created entirely by the team at the charity, using nearly all recycled materials including any donated rug and tack displayed. The stand has been built by a team of individuals from across the charity and will take a whole day to build at Your Horse Live.

‘Rags’ is depicted through a hauntingly run-down stable; dark, dingy and damp. The number ‘12’ will be pinned ominously on the stable door, showing the number attached to a stable which featured in a real rescue, which was the inspiration for the concept. The wall next to the stable will show graphic imagery of neglected and mistreated equines, each covered with a hessian patch with warning message, so visitors to the stand have the choice of seeing the reality of conditions some equines are found in.

‘Riches’ will be on the right side of the stand and will be presented as a luxury display, showcasing some of the great quality tack that is donated to the charity, to help raise funds for their work. The right side will be opulent and high class, with both sides together showing the juxtaposition of the poor and upsetting with the plush and promising.

Alex Kinnear-Mellor, Marketing Manager at Bransby Horses said:

“We have been planning this stand for months, wanting to do something which really shows the reality of what our rescue team encounters. It will be shocking to some, but the message is so important. We want to give people a way to support our rescue and welfare work, which goes beyond just giving a monetary donation. It was important to us that this concept cost as little as possible but that it speaks volumes. Each and every person we show this reality to, can help us make a difference in lots of ways. Donating tack and buying second hand tack from us is just two of the many ways people can help us continue to be there for equines and their owners who need our help.”

The concept, located at stand 298 at Your Horse Live, is intended to give the charity a chance to engage with those with a love and respect for all equines. Through hard work, passion and education, the charity intends to reduce the number of equines who need rescuing in the future.

Ryan Rouse, External Welfare at Bransby Horses said:

“Some of the conditions we walk into are truly horrifying. We hope that through awareness and sharing knowledge with equine owners, we can provide a support network that stops this from happening. Ultimately, the less horses that need our help, the better, as it means we have saved some from ever needing rescuing at all.”

Bransby Horses will be at stand 298 at Your Horse Live 2019 from Friday 8th November to Sunday 10th November. The stand will feature the ‘Rags to Riches’ concept alongside a seated discussion area. The charity coffee ‘Free Rein Roast’ (which raises money for the charity’s work too) will be available to try.

The charity will also be in the Rescue Village, with three ponies the charity has rescued and rehabilitated; Temple, Huckleberry and Pringle. Their journey will be displayed on the stable doors, so visitors can learn about their lives and meet them face-to-face. Friends and star supporters of the charity, Hovis and Karen, will also be in the Rescue Village, ready to meet with visitors on all three days.

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